Our Story

Idea to Start “Vibhsa.com” totally expresses my thoughts and way of thinking.

“How about if I combine my interest and passion with life’s learnings?”

Being a woman, I have performed many roles like daughter, sister, wife and a mother. I am a creative person and like to spend my time to decorate my home. This has given me a great understanding as a consumer ‘what are the needs and desires of a woman to decorate her house?’
In my opinion, if you think like a consumer then you can create better products and that’s how, I have started my Home Décor/home furnishings business to share my learnings with others to decorate their homes with great quality products at the best possible prices.

Considering a woman in business, my effort will become living example for people to think:

“If you try, you will get it”

Education and training play secondary role in trying something new, but first is always Passion and I am trying my best to stand up my brands ‘Vibhsa’ & ‘Classy R Us’ with passion.

Bhawna Sharma

Our Team

Bhawna Sharma
Chief Designer & CEO

Trisha Sinha

Trisha Sinha
Non-Executive Advisor

Sachin Saini
Executive Advisor



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